The parish green

Project : The Parish Green Project : Masterplan 'Vision 2008' and Garden of Reflection
Location : Loughborough, England
Practice : Bellinger Design
Year : 2008-2009, phase 3 completed
The Parish Green Project is a large phased scheme set up in 2001 by a group of volunteers to improve and restore the churchyard of All Saint Church and its environs. Two phases of the project have been successfully implemented in 2005 and 2006, creating a well used attractive open space for the local community. In 2008, the initial masterplan was reviewed to satisfy the needs of the current community. The Garden of Reflection was than the next stage of the Parish Green Project, and completed in Septembre 2009. The Garden of Reflection, located at the main entrance of the Churchyard is visually attractive, inviting therefore people to come in. The garden is more formal than the rest of the grounds with colourfull perennials, flowering trees and formal low hedges, giving some tranquility to the users.