Landscape analysis and hedgerow survey

Project : Hedgerow survey
Location : Holford, Cheshire, England
Practice : Bellinger Design
Year : 2009, project ongoing
E-ON (German energy producer company), is developing 8 underground gas storage facilities to store natural gaz in the salt strata of Cheshire at Holford. The Environmental Statement requested by the County Council of Cheshire, stated several mitigations measures regarding the landscape, with one of them being the replacement on and around the site of all damaged native hedgerows, including the ones being in poor conditions. To establish the hedgerows to be replaced, the site was divided in 10 zones, and an extensive site survey was carried out. Numerous detailed planting plans were produced in order to put in place a landscape works and maintenance contract. The work will be carried out in several phases over a period of 5 years.
Landscape analysis and hedgerow survey